A difficult Spanish Grand Prix for the HDR Heidrun Speed ​​Up team, almost to be forgotten after the crash of Jorge Navarro and the unfinished race of Fabio Di Giannantonio.

A race that we all looked forward to after the stop of these months, but which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for teams and riders from the first lap when Navarro crashed out immediately after the first turn. The number nine crashed to the ground after the contact with Bezzecchi who, passing it from the inside, touched Jorge’s front wheel. For the Spaniard there was nothing more to do than go back to his garage.

From eighteenth position on the grid, Di Giannantonio took a good start, aware of the challenge he had ahead of him. Fabio immediately started to recover positions until he reached the second group of riders fighting for the top 10. On lap thirteenth, when in p10, the feeling with the bike began to fail forcing Diggia to lose positions. The feeling with his Speed ​​Up continued to worsen and less than seven laps from the end the number twenty-one was forced to retire.

After incidents like this, the saying goes that it’s best to get back on track as soon as possible and the calendar ensures that will happen, as next Sunday sees the third round of the 2020 Moto2 championship, the Gran Premio de Andalucía, take place at the circuit de Jerez-Ángel Nieto.

“There isn’t much to say after today’s race. I had a problem at the start and I was unable to start the race well. Then at the first turn, a rider who was overcoming inside touched my front wheel and thus my crash. I was really sorry about how it went because we had worked well throughout the weekend and certainly this was not the final result we expected. In any case, we must remain positive and continue to give our best to reach our goal from tomorrow in view of the next race always here on the Jerez circuit”.
“Sorry for how the whole weekend went. Too bad, because I started the race very strong. I was there with the second group fighting for the Top10, which could have been a real goal for us today, but the feeling with the front worsened lap after lap until it became dangerous to turn and therefore at a certain point I had to stop. Now we have three more days to work better than we have done these days and try to get more prepared for next Sunday’s race”.


Jorge Navarro and Fabio Di Giannantonio will start tomorrow respectively from the first and sixth rows of the starting grid of the Gran Premio de España.

The number 9 of the HDR Heidrun Speed ​​Up team focused on the race pace during the last free practice session and with the seventh time of the combined ranking he gained direct access to Q2. Jorge started qualifying immediately with a good pace, improving lap by lap. 1’41.565 is the time of his best qualifying  lap time took almost at the end of the session and it is with this chrono that he will the race in front row from second position.

The Spanish Saturday was instead more complicated for Di Giannantonio. In FP3 Fabio did not find the feeling of the past sessions and at the end of the practice he was out of the ranking of the 14 riders who went directly to the Q2. In Q1 he came back on and on track he showed that even with high temperatures he can handle the bike. He then took the first time of Q1 in 1’41.913 and got ready to return for qualifying2. Unfortunately, a crash on the first lap compromised Fabio’s qualifying, who will start tomorrow from the sixth row in eighteenth position.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 2nd in 1’41.458
“I am happy with today’s qualifying; it was not easy to start again after all these months. This morning we used the last practice session to test the race pace getting positive results. In qualifying we managed to find the fastest lap that bring us to start the race from the first row of the grid. We are all aware that it will be a tough race but we will do our best to win“.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 18th in 1’41.860
“Not a great day! We freaked out a bit this morning during FP3. However, we faced the Q1 with another spirit taking a different path and we managed to pass the session in first position with a great time. Then we started Q2 very excited, because we knew we could enter the Top10, but unfortunately at the beginning of the qualifying I entered a little faster, the bike front closed and I crashed down. Then when I got back on track, I no longer had the rear brake and I couldn’t push as before to make a better time. We are now forced to make a great comeback tomorrow”.






After the long absence, due to Covid19, the Moto2 was back on track today, kicking off the long-awaited Gran Prix de España, the second event of the 2020 Moto2 World Championship. Shortly before 11am Jorge and Diggia’s Speed Up bikes left the garage of the team HDR Heidrun Speed ​​Up going wild on the track in the first free practice session on the Jerez-Àngel Nieto circuit.

On the first day the two riders focused on set up work. Jorge Navarro completed 30 laps in total and scored his best tempo on lap 14 of the first session in 1’41.458. The higher temperatures in the afternoon made it impossible for riders to lower their lap times and Jorge thus closed the first day with an excellent and promising second position with a gap that is nothing short of non-existent (+0.048). Good first also for Fabio Di Giannantonio who took eighth position at +0.450 from the first. 32 laps completed by Diggia on Spanish Friday and he also scored his best time in FP1 on lap 10 in 1’41.860.

Preparation for tomorrow qualifying and Sunday’s race resumes tomorrow morning with the third and last free practice session started at 10.55 CET.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 2nd in 1’41.458
“It was a positive day because our performance has improved since the morning session compared the day of testing. A little more kilometres with the bike and I already felt better. In the afternoon, however, we were unable to follow the work plan that we had developed due to an unexpected problem on track at mid-session which made us lose the chance to try what was planned. But in any case, tomorrow we will complete the work during the last free practice session in view of qualifying”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 8th in 1’41.860
“I am not so happy with today. We got off to a good start this morning, our choice was to play the best tyre straight away to make the time, aware that with the high afternoon temperatures it would have been more difficult. In FP2 we ran on the used tyres of the FP1, but in this heat we struggled much more than we expected. We have to work to understand what happened because we can do much more”.


Gran Premio de España – Ready to go!

About 4 months ago the Grand Prix of Qatar ended amid uncertainties and fears about what we would have to face in the following months. The ferocity of a global pandemic has forced the world to stop leaving many locked down at home. But finally here we are! The long wait is over: it’s time to lower the visor and give full gas! Tomorrow the Speed ​​Up team will be back on track with its two standard bearers, Jorge Navarro and Fabio Di Giannantonio, eager to get back on their Speed ​​Up bikes.

It will not be the normality of all time to accompany teams and riders in these first two races, but a new normality that includes social distance and the heavy absence of the public.

Diggia and Jorge, like the whole team, are ready to give their best on the Jerez-Ángel Nieto circuit starting tomorrow in the test day. Riders and technicians will be engaged in two sessions of 40 minutes each (11.40-12.20; 15.40-16.20) which will precede the normal race weekend time schedule (FRI: Fp1 10.55-11.35, Fp2 15.10-15.50; SAT: Fp3 10.55-11.35, Q1 15.10-15.25, Q2 15.35-15.50; SUN: Warm Up 8.50-9.10, Race 12.20).

“Today I am very happy! After a long time, I go back to live the paddock, my team and to touch my bike. I can’t wait to start again after these long months at home, holding back the desire to drive my Speed ​​Up. I am ready to give my best, even if it will not be the same without the public to support us. It will also be particular to play two races in a row here in Jerez: this means that for the second race we will have much more data to rely on. Finally, here we are!”
“We have arrived on track and everything is different, the paddock is empty and it seems to be in a day of testing, not in a race. It’s a particular situation, we can only stay in the garage but the good thing is that we start competing again. I am with the team, all are very excited and willing to start over. This motivates me even more, I can’t wait to get on track with my bike, finally the time has come, tomorrow we go!”


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