The Andalucia Grand Prix is  turned out to be much harder than expected for the Beta Up Speed ​​team. The weekend had started well for the two riders who have seen the average progress made since the last week race, also hold at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit. But the improvements achieved have not paid off on the battlefield.

The race started on a hot track, 54 ° the asphalt temperature. At the start Navarro, fourth on the grid, got away well and for the first laps he found a good rhythm remaining in the first six until the tenth lap in which he lost stability getting out of the scene at turn nine.

Not an easy start for Diggia from the eleventh position on the grid. At the end of the first lap Fabio was thirteenth, he gave his best to try to bring the Speed ​​Up SFT20 forward but the feeling with the front was getting worse and from lap twelve the management of the bike became more difficult. The number twenty-one began to lose positions, he didn’t feel like risking too much, and consequently the result did not live up to expectations, eighteenth at the finish line.

“Today I don’t really know what to say because the weekend had started very well both in race conditions and in cooler conditions. We were fast and had a good rhythm in all the sessions before the race. Today I had a good start, finally, keeping my position, but at a certain point the bike started to close in front, I no longer felt and the driving became more complicated, turn after turn. I tried to keep the pace as much as I could, but it closed almost at every turn and at a certain point I found myself on the ground at turn 9 without even realizing it. As I said, there is not much to say, except that we must continue to work and analyse well what happened because after two laps the bike changed completely and I was not able to ride it in these conditions. It’s hard to leave Jerez without points, but we’ll get up to go back stronger than before”.FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 18th
“Too bad, another weekend went very badly! Surely, we must try to understand what happens to the bike from mid-race onwards where I start to lose the feeling with the front, especially at the beginning of the turn, where the bike becomes increasingly difficult to ride. We have to work and find the solution for Brno trying to straighten out this bad season just from the Czech weekend”.


At the Jerez de la Frontera circuit, the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team ended up the qualifying day of the Gran Premio de Andalucía with the fourth position of Jorge Navarro and the eleventh place of Fabio Di Giannantonio who reconfirmed their competitiveness on the Speed ​​Up bikes.

At the end of the third practice session, the team’s number nine gained direct access to Q2 with the tenth place in the combined practice times in 1’41.590. Jorge started qualifying on the right foot, fast from the first lap. He got back to the garage about 5 minutes before the end of the session to quickly change the tyres and returned to the track for the last 2 laps. The Spaniard, with the second penultimate lap in 1’41.860, took the fourth place.

Great recovery for Di Giannantonio who gave a change to his weekend by also winning direct access to Q2 with the time 1’41.660 obtained in FP3 in the morning. With the second lap of his qualifying in 1’42.181, Fabio got the fourth row of the grid from which he will start in tomorrow’s race.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 4th in 1’41.860
“I am happy because it has been a positive day. We worked very well this morning focusing the session on the race pace and we were ready to face qualifying. In qualifying I think I could have done more, but the same is fine, tomorrow we have a good race”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 11th in 1’42.181
“I am happy with today because we are coming from a negative weekend, especially yesterday. Today we made a nice change on the bike and we made a great step, both in feeling with the bike and in speed on the track. Happy, we are returning to being as fast as before and working well. Tomorrow we start from a good position and we can have a good race, let’s see”.


A few days after the Gran Premio de España, held last Sunday at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit, the third round of the Moto2 2020 World Championship has come, once again on the Spanish track. Instead, it’s the Speed Up bikes livery that has changed for this weekend bringing on the track the characteristic and sparkling orange color representing the sponsor Beta Tools, who has been alongside the team for years.

Jorge Navarro took third place in the combined free practices times with an excellent time in 1’41.590, only +0.065 from the first. The first day of the number nine of the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team was good, confirming the good feeling of last week on the Jerez circuit. Jorge scored his best time during FP1, demonstrating adaptability and speed even in FP2 with much higher temperatures.

A much more difficult day for Di Giannantonio and his team who cannot find the set-up of the bike suitable for competitive laps in both sessions. Twenty-first is the final result of the first day of Fabio’s Andalucía Grand Prix in 1’42.312. However, the rider and team remain confident and determined to find a solution ahead of tomorrow’s qualifying.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 3rd in 1’41.590
“Today was a good Friday! We started with a good feeling from the first outing in the morning by making just a few changes that we had decided to try and we saw that some changes help us others less. In any case, I think it was a really positive day because we were constant and we collected a lot of information. I hope we will continue like this tomorrow”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 21st in 1’42.312
“Bad day. We started again with the problems of the last race weekend and we are continuing to do our best but we have not yet reached a solution and this is putting us in difficulty. But we never give up, we are working and we are understanding how to improve in order to be competitive again”.


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