9th August 2018


From the Czech Republic to Austria, without a break or a rest, tomorrow will start the 11th round of the 2018 season of the Moto2 World Championship at the Red Bull Ring, an Austrian circuit near Spielberg.

Speed ​​Up goes back to the track with the sixth color and the sixth livery of the season representing + EGO, a very important brand of the SIFAR Group.

The Italian company, based in Milan, is one of the most important Italian distributors of accessories and components for smartphones and tablets, and is one of the main sponsor companies that for years follows and supports Speed ​​Up in motorcycle racing.

The Sifar Group will be the main sponsor with the +EGO brand in the GP of Austria (10th-11th-12th August), the GP of Great Britain (24th-25th-26th August) and the GP of San Marino and the Riviera of Rimini (7th-8th-9th September).

The team name for the aforementioned races will be + EGO-Speed ​​Up Racing Team.


”+ EGO is a brand of Sifar Group, an authentic company with twenty years’ experience in the mobile phone industry and a reference point for the supply of accessories and components for smartphones and tablets.

Professionalism and market knowledge have led the company to become a commercial reality known throughout the country. Care, dedication and attention to customer needs are certainly an added value.

When you buy a +EGO accessory you get hold of a precious object: it contains accurate studies, hours of work, concentration, and is the result of the commitment and passion of our team.

Accessories for protection, charging, music and sport: from an Italian brand the answer to the most diverse needs of users. The design, high quality materials and the constant research of the latest technologies make it the perfect spokesperson for your unique and inimitable style.

+EGO and Sifar Group are not just brands, but the result of dreams, passion, competition and discipline, adjectives that unite our team with sport champions. We are proud to support Speed Up Racing Team in its sporting achievements in the Moto2 World Championship”.


Visit +EGO website by clicking the following link::

And SIFAR GROUP website at the following link:


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