The two free practice sessions of this Friday have opened the ​​ninth round of the Moto2 World Championship at the Catalunya circuit, Barcelona.

At the end of the first day Fabio Di Giannantonio and Jorge Navarro classified respectively in fourth and sixteenth position.

Fifth time for Fabio in the morning FP1, signed at the end of the session in 1’44.709. In the second session of the Catalunya Grand Prix, Diggia was second after lowering the morning time in 1’44.597, +0.475 from the first, closing the first day with the fourth fastest time in the combined times ranking.

Jorge ended the first session in eighteenth place with the time of 1’45.222. The Spaniard suffered lack of grip and struggled to find the feeling on the Catalan track. He improved his time by a tenth during the afternoon session by testing both tires at the rear without noticing a big difference. Seventh place for Jorge in FP2, but sixteenth in the combined times ranking.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO # 21 – 4th in 1’44.597
“Delighted because it is the first weekend in a year now in which we have started well. We started with the Misano base which seems to be working for the moment. This afternoon the track conditions were not optimal, there was a lot of wind, but we still managed to improve the time, we were fast. So positive, all good for the moment but we mustn’t let our attention down. We have to stay focus because tomorrow one of the two most important days begins and therefore it will be important to improve tomorrow morning, enter Q2 already, do a good Q2 and prepare well for the race!”.
JORGE NAVARRO # 9 – 16th in 1’45.122
“Today we started riding on a new track after the two weeks at Misano and the first thing I noticed is that the grip is much less, regardless of the tire we use. In FP1 we have always worked with hard tires and in FP2 the wind made the conditions more difficult even if we tried some changes to understand what we need. The truth is that the feeling was not great, perhaps also due to the wind. We will then analyze the data with the aim of making a step forward in the last free practice session of tomorrow and prepare ourselves as best we can for qualifying”.




Positive and encouraging Sunday for the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team that ended the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in seventh and eighth place.

As always, the weather dominates, forcing the race direction to wave the red flag twice. The first after 6 laps from the start of Race1, the second just before the re-start due to the weather conditions. On the second return to the box, Diggia and Jorge were awaiting, for the second time, the directives for the second re-start from the organization which shortly after confirmed what was communicated for the first re-start: 10 laps of the race, quick re-start procedure and position on grid based on the ranking of lap 6 of Race1, p5 for Diggia and p8 for Jorge. At 12.44 the pit lane reopened and the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team riders were ready to get back on track, both with slicks.

Excellent start for Jorge who reached fourth position at the end of the first lap trying not to lose the leading group. Navarro tried to keep the pace, but was joined by Lowes, Marini and Bezzecchi who had a better pace by finishing the race in seventh position.

Fabio also started well but struggled to find the pace and stability with the soft tires and on the second lap he lost two positions which he was able to recover during the race taking eighth place at the finish line.

Moto2 does not stop and get back on track next weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya for the ninth round of the 2020 season.

“Today I am quite satisfied with how the race went because I made a good start trying to exploit my strong points. After a couple of laps I suffered from a lack of grip and so I had to change race tactics. Today finishing the race was fundamental for me and therefore I am satisfied with this seventh place after a really hard period. It will be our starting point to rebuild confidence to get back to racing as we know how to do”.
“Second weekend in a row that we are in the front and today in my opinion it was a really good race, especially in the first start we were there to play for, I liked it a lot. In the second re-start, where we all used the soft tires, we knew that we would struggle a bit more with them and therefore the eighth place is a good result. And now we go to Barcelona ready to continue the good work done in these two weekends!”.



Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team riders closed the qualifying of the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna e della Riviera di Rimini in third row, eighth place for Diggia and ninth for Jorge.

At the end of the third free practice session in the morning Navarro was able to get direct access to Q2 with the eighth time in 1’36.045, +0.396 from the first, while Di Giannantonio with the time of 1’36.376 with a gap of +0.727 was out for a while, therefore forced to face Q1.

Team 21 studied the attack plan for the first qualifying hitting the target by passing the round with the second time. After a ten-minute stop, both riders got on their Speed ​​Up SFT20 bikes and went back on track to give their all in the fifteen minutes available to outline the starting grid of tomorrow’s race. Jorge set the ninth fastest time in 1’35.952 after changing the tire few minutes before Q2 end. Fabio also opted for the tire change, but his best time was lap 3 of the session with which he qualified eighth with the chrono 1’35.928.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO # 21 – 8th in 1’35.928
“I’m happy with today because we did well in the three free practice sessions, with a great pace even though we never did a really strong lap to stay up front and that’s why we found ourselves doing Q1 again. I’m happy with the position reached in Q2, I think I could have done a little better but I’m not sorry, on the contrary I’m much more ready for tomorrow. We have to improve the final part of the turn when I hit the gas where the bike still struggles a bit to turn, but here we are, we are getting close to the leaders!“.
JORGE NAVARRO # 9 – 9th in 1’35.952
“This morning in FP3 I felt good on the bike, I managed to set a good pace and then we were ready for qualifying. The truth is that I wasn’t able to do the qualifying I was hoping for, I didn’t have the same feeling in the morning, but I still feel good with the bike. We will analyze the data and understand how to improve tomorrow and how to find the confidence to have a great race”.


A few days after the San Marino Grand Prix race, the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team got back on track today, again at the Misano World Circuit, for the free practice sessions of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the eighth round of this season.

Jorge Navarro ended the Friday free practices in tenth position, marking his best time on the last lap of FP2 in 1’36.467 at +0.511 from the top. The morning practice was interrupted by a crash at the last turn of the track, ending the session with the fifteenth time. Upon returning to the track for FP2 Jorge, after some changes to the bike’s set-up, Jorge improved the feeling with the bike by lowering his time by almost half a second although the pain in his left shoulder caused by the fall.

The number twenty-one of the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team started the weekend a little bit uphill, closing the first day with the eighteenth place with a time of 1’36.721 to +0.765. Tomorrow the focus of Fabio and his technicians will be access to Q2, working to improve the turn entry and then the race pace.

JORGE NAVARRO # 9 – 10th in 1’36.467
“Quite satisfied with this first day. From the first laps on track the feeling was better than last weekend. Then I crashed because at the last corner I passed over the hole and made the same mistake as in the San Marino GP. I got very angry with myself, but at the same time I calmed down because I knew the reason for that crash. In the afternoon we rode with the soft rear tire and after a few changes we managed to find a good feeling and do some fast laps towards the end of the session. Happy with this first day and with the desire to continue working”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO # 21 – 18th in 1’36.721
“Misano 2 has started badly because we are behind. We actually improved a bit compared to last race, especially on the flying lap, but that’s only thanks to Dunlop bringing us a new softer tire and so we all lapped harder. We need to improve, make a good step tomorrow to get into Q2 and start running with a stronger pace, improve at least 3-4 tenths. So, let’s work and improve above all the turn entry!”.




A bitter-sweet Sunday for the + EGO Speed ​​Up team at the Misano World Circuit which closed the San Marino Grand Prix with a good seventh place by Fabio Di Giannantonio, but that must accept another crash from Jorge Navarro, who ended up off the track at the first turn of the tenth lap of the race.

Eighth on the grid after Gardner’s unfit following the accident in the warm-up and the penalty of Lowes, Fabio managed to make a good start, immediately recovering a position. In the twenty-five laps of the race he fought in the second group keeping a good pace closing the home Grand Prix in seventh position, satisfied with the work done over the weekend after a complicated period.

Next appointment again here at the Misano World Circuit for the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna and the Rimini Riviera 18/19/20 September.

“I’m happy! We have finally “started” this championship with a good position. More than the final position, which in reality is not what the team and I are looking for because we can do better, we are satisfied with the performance because the gap from the leaders is not much. We had a good pace in the race, I always gave 100%, taking home good points that will certainly lift our spirits a little and give us energy for the next race. Now a few days of rest to think a little about what we can improve and then ready for another race here at home”.
“Difficult to find the words today. The truth is that I am very annoyed with how things are going because the truth is that I have not yet found the right feeling with the bike and when I try to push a little harder I have difficulty managing the front. In the race today I made a good start and I thought I could cross the line between eighth and twelfth place. I tried to stay with that group as much as possible, I had strong points, especially the second sector, but in the rest of the track I couldn’t make the most of the front brake. When I got to turn 1 on lap 10 I lost the front and suffered the same crash as in the previous races. We understand the problem but we need to find the solution. It’s hard, but we don’t give up. We will continue to work and give our best starting tomorrow”.


Fabio Di Giannantonio and Jorge Navarro will start respectively from the third and fourth row of the grid, in ninth and twelfth position in the San Marino and Riviera di Rimini Grand Prix which will start tomorrow at 12.20 CET on the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.

Diggia finished sixteenth the three free practice sessions. A crash in mid-FP3 prevented Fabio from completing the good work done in the first laps. Out of the top 14, Diggia prepared to face Q1. He passed the first qualifying without any problems with the first time in 1’36.964 and after ten minutes of stop in the garage he got back on track with his teammate for the final qualifying closing it in ninth position.

With the seventh time, Jorge Navarro got direct access to Q2. At the start of qualifying Jorge crashed out,  without suffering serious consequences, thus managing to get back on track for the last two laps, setting the twelfth time on the grid in 1’37.089.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO # 9 – 9th in 1’37.019
“Happy with this second day in Misano! We will start from the third row and it has been a while since we started so far. We are on the right way with a good race pace. We are not ultra-fast, but we are in a good position to make a good placement tomorrow, but let’s see. We still have some time to understand how to improve the bike because it still doesn’t turn as I would like. Let’s see tomorrow, we are excited”.
JORGE NAVARRO # 9 – 12th in 1’37.089
“Positive day. This morning at the end of FP3 we managed to improve the feeling by finding a good time with a used tire. When I got back on track for qualifying, I felt good with the bike, but I made a mistake in the last turn and crashed on the first lap where I was going strong. Back in the box, my mechanics fixed the bike in a short time as best they could and I returned for the last two laps of the session. I gave it my all looking for a fast lap to qualify in a good position and it didn’t go so badly. So positive for tomorrow and with a ready to fight”.


The seventh round of the 2020 Moto2 World Championship kicked off today at the Marco Simoncelli circuit in Misano Adriatico.

Di Giannantonio closed the first day of free practice of the home Grand Prix with the sixth time of the Friday combined times in 1’37.243 just +0.310 from the first. After the difficulties encountered in the previous race weekends, Fabio and his team found good sensations on track both with used and new tires.

Jorge Navarro ended the day in ninth place in 1’37.474 to +0.541. The number nine of the team greatly improved his lap time during the second session by lowering the time obtained in FP1 in the morning by one second. There are still some changes to be made and tires to test in tomorrow’s last free practice, trying to prepare as best we can for Sunday’s race.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO # 9 – 6th in 1’37.243
“We started the weekend very well, starting from last year’s excellent base. I am happy that we are a little closer to the leaders. In the afternoon we improved a lot and went even faster than the time I did last year in qualifying, so very well. I think I still need 2-3 tenths of a step to be with the leaders, but the start is good! “.
JORGE NAVARRO # 9 – 9th in 1’37.474
“First positive day. This morning we encountered some difficulties, but we always worked with the focus on the race and with a full tank. The first practice therefore served us to understand what changes to make to the bike. In FP2 we improved, I was hoping to lower the time a little more by putting on the new tire but in any case, we are satisfied with this first day. Now we will analyse the data well to try to take a step forward tomorrow”.





Not a particularly good day for + EGO Speed ​​Up team in the first Grand Prix of Styria with Fabio Di Giannantonio nineteenth place and the Jorge Navarro’s crash who was involved in an accident on the third lap of the race.

From twenty-fifth position Di Giannantonio made a good start, recovering positions immediately. Fabio’s feeling with his Speed ​​Up bike was as good as his pace and on lap 10 he was in p13. On the following lap the sensations began to change, especially under braking, forcing Fabio to lower his race pace by crossing the finish line in p18.

Navarro also got off to a good start as he hold the starting ninth position until turn three on lap three when suddenly he was hit by Lowes’ bike and so crashed out fortunately without serious consequences.


There is now a 2-weeks break before the Moto2 championship is back again, this time with the Grand Prix of San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini at Misano circuit on 13th September.


“The start was quite good and in the first few laps I had recovered several positions and I felt good, I could have had a good race. I had a good pace until I was attacked by another rider and from there, being in his way, my brakes started to deteriorate and lap after lap I could no longer brake well. I was no longer able to lap with the times of the first laps, losing time and positions. Too bad because we could have done well this race. Head held high, I know I gave 100%! See you in Misano”.
JORGE NAVARRO #9 – not classified  
“There isn’t much to say, right? A shame because Lowes arrived at turn 3 of the third lap hitting me and another rider and that was where our race ended. I can’t say much except that I got off to a good start, I was waiting a while to attack because the feeling with a full tank wasn’t the best and so I was trying to manage the race as best I could until Lowes arrived. There is a great desire to change this negative moment and I believe that if we work well we can do it. Now we look forward to Misano!”.


+ EGO Speed ​​Up team riders Jorge Navarro and Fabio Di Giannantonio finished the Styria Grand Prix qualifying in ninth and twenty-fifth position.

Small step forward for Jorge during the third free practice session in the morning in which he marked the seventh time of the session and so the twelfth of the combined free practices in 1’28.958 with a gap of +0.457 from the first. The twelfth position allowed Navarro to go directly to Q2. The feeling in qualifying was not the same as in the morning, but the Spaniard managed to find a good lap, the last of the quali, with which he qualified in p9. Third row therefore for Jorge Navarro in the starting grid of tomorrow’s race.

Difficult day for Diggia who continues to encounter problems under braking. Several changes were carried out by Fabio and his technicians to understand how to solve the difficulty but the progress achieved did not lead to a good qualifying. Ninth row for team21 at the end of the day.

JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 12th in 1’29.253
“Today we worked a lot on the bike, but the sensations with the front were not the best. We haven’t been able to find the solution yet and for this tomorrow morning we should decide what to do whether to keep this setup and try to adapt more or try to make some small changes. The pace is not bad and this is good news for the race, but I’m not 100% satisfied with my bike feeling. I hope we will find a way to solve this problem and have a good race!”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 25th in 1’29.985
“We continue to be in difficulty. Even today we worked a bit to try to stop the bike better which is the key to going fast here, but we couldn’t. We encounter great difficulties in stopping well and then following the right lines on the track and when you miss this you find it hard to lower the times. We have to work, try to understand what we lack, so this afternoon we will work and tomorrow we will try to make a great comeback”.


After the Austrian Grand Prix, the sixth round of the 2020 Moto2 World Championship, the Grand Prix of Styria has started today once again at the Red Bull Ring.

A new livery change in the Speed ​​Up box which shows the fourth different colour of the season representing + EGO, a very important brand of the Sifar Group.

On the first day of free practices, the + EGO Speed ​​Up riders took twelfth and twenty-fifth place in the combined classification.

Jorge Navarro ended the first practice session in p17 with a time of 1’29.400. After several adjustments to the bike setup and the use of different tyres, the Spaniard and his team hit the target of the day, greatly improving the feeling with the Speed ​​Up. At the third and last exit on track, Jorge set the third time of FP2 in 1’29.302, thus obtaining the twelfth time of the day.

A position that does not reflect the improvements obtained by Diggia and his team this Friday at the Red Bull Ring. 1’29.747 is the time with which Fabio placed twenty-fifth, obtained in the morning session. In the afternoon session, team 21 instead encountered brake problems without improving the lap time.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 12th in 1’29.302
“Positive day. This morning we encountered some difficulties because the track had more grip than last weekend and therefore we suffered more. Then in FP2 we followed a path that led us to improve at each exit. Happy with the progress achieved, we only need to fix some details in tomorrow’s free practice session, but as I said before: positive day and with the desire to continue working!”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 25th in 1’29.747
“First day back to Austria not so bad although our position. On this morning’ session the sensations were not bad. We had some changes planned for FP2 only that we were unable to try because we encountered a problem with the brakes and therefore no improvement in the afternoon. Tomorrow morning we will put into practice the changes we had to try today hoping to take a step forward”.




A very difficult Sunday for the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team that closed the Austrian Grand Prix without points.

After three laps from the start of the race the red flag was waving due to a bad accident involving four riders. Fortunately, no serious injuries and therefore the race could re-start. Upon returning to the garage, Diggia and Jorge were awaiting the directives for the re-start from the organization which shortly after communicated that the race laps were 13 and the grid positions were based on standings as for lap 3 of race1. Navarro thus started from p12 while Diggia was in p22.

12.55 the pit lane reopened and the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team riders were ready to get back on track.  Jorge made a good start and immediately recovered 3 positions. The feeling was very good and Navarro tried to increase his pace, but his comeback was cut short at turn 10 on the first lap when he crashed out because of an error.

Fabio also made a good start with four positions recovered, which became six at the end of the first lap. Unfortunately, from lap 2 his race was hampered by a brake problem by finishing 21st in the Austrian Grand Prix.

“I made a good start in race2 but when I started to recover more positions, I felt that something was wrong when I was using the brakes and for this reason I could only finish the race twenty-first”.
JORGE NAVARRO #9 – not classified  
“After a very positive weekend, today in the race I was unable to complete the good work done in these days. I started very well in race 2, recovering some positions but in the last turn I made a mistake and crashed down on the ground. I apologize to the team for throwing away these days of hard work. The good news is that next week we will do another race again here at the Red Bull Ring and we will try to give our all”.


The Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team closed the Austrian Grand Prix qualifying in seventh and twenty-third positions, getting the third and eighth row of the starting grid of tomorrow’s race.

A breathtaking FP3 finale for Jorge Navarro after the highside at turn 1. The Spaniard then ended his last free practice session early, luckily with only a few scratches. With the time obtained in the fourteenth and last lap of his FP3 in 1’29.204, Jorge took direct access in Q2. In the fifteen minutes Jorge set a good seventh time, 1’28.905 (+0.224), without changing tyres in the final minutes.

Second day of the Austrian GP complicated for Fabio Di Giannantonio although there have been improvements compared to yesterday. Fabio lowered his Friday lap time by half a second in the last practice session, but in the combined classification he is twenty-third, therefore forced to face Q2. In qualifying, Fabio further improved his time stopping the clock in 1’29.579. Unfortunately, for a few tenths, he almost reached access to Q2, finishing qualifying in p23.

JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 7th in 1’28.905
“Positive day! Good feeling this morning with used tyres. Too bad that after the tyre change I crashed in the climb of turn one before finding the rhythm. The bike threw me into the air, but luckily I’m physically fine and my team managed to repair the bike for Q2. I’m also happy with qualifying because I rode with a great pace, maybe I missed the fastest lap but we are analyzing the data to understand how to improve the third sector. In any case, we are ready for tomorrow!”
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 23rd in 1’29.579
“I’m not so happy with how it went today. We have improved compared to yesterday but we are still a bit far. We are working on braking because on this track it is important to have a stable bike. Today we frankly took a good step in that direction but we lost a lot of the bike, especially in turning. We struggled too much in T3, mostly in Q1, and it’s a pity we didn’t enter Q2. We just have to work and try to improve what we can for tomorrow to be able to recover as many positions as possible!”


Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team riders are back on track today at the Red Bull Ring for the first free practice sessions of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Jorge Navarro immediately found a good feeling on the Austrian circuit. During the first session he made a few laps on Hard tires before switching to the Softs with which he set his best time of the day in 1’29.290. The weather conditions changed and the little rain at the beginning of the second session slowed down the lap times on track. Team9 used FP2 to adjust some details. +0.305 is the gap from the first of Jorge’s combined times at the end of the day1.

A more complicated start for Di Giannantonio than at the end of the two practice sessions ranked twenty-fourth. Team21 was unable to find the right set-up for the track in today’s free practice encountering problems under braking. Diggia improved his time during FP2 by a few tenths in 1’30.392, +1.407, but there is still a lot of work to do to face tomorrow’s qualifying.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 7th in 1’29.290
“I’m happy with this first day. We started with the right feeling this morning which allowed us to try small details to understand which tyre to use and work a little in the setup, test and counter-test, obtaining good results. This afternoon the conditions were more complicated because it rained at the beginning and then, at the end of the session when it had stopped raining, many improved their time with the new tyres, but we preferred to continue with the used ones and the pace was still very good .
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 24th in 1’30.392
“Not happy with today because we are behind, for now out of Q2. For one and a half session we had brake problems. Fixed this problem we started to ride and understand the changes to be made to the bike setting. We struggle a little in the turn entry, but tomorrow we will work to find the solution, hoping that the conditions will be a little better”.





The Czech Republic Grand Prix has just ended at the Brno Autodrome, the fourth round of the 2020 Moto2 World Championship.

Good performance by Jorge Navarro who snatched a seventh place demonstrating the progress achieved over the weekend. Eleventh on the grid, JN9 made a good start but found himself stuck in traffic at turn 1 where he lost six positions. Jorge immediately took matters into his own hands and from the middle of the race onwards proved to have the pace of the leaders. Thus began his comeback until he crossed the finish line in seventh position.

For Di Giannantonio, on the other hand, it was a difficult race, complicated by his crash during the morning warm up. Fabio made a good start but immediately realized that something was wrong with the bike, the feeling was not the same. Diggia tried to better manage the bike during the race by finishing in sixteenth position.

JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 7th  
“Today was a positive day because from yesterday to today we made some changes to the bike that helped us understand how to work with the front tyre and so I was able to make a good race. I got a good start, but at the first turn I found myself in the middle of the other riders coming into contact with some of them. This made me lose some positions and as soon as I managed to find the race pace I started attacking. The tyres dropped a lot, but I think it was the same for everyone because my race pace was one of the best even towards the end. We take the best from this weekend and from all the tests we did during the sessions to understand how the tyres work, it almost felt like a test! In the end we reached p7, it’s not a great goal but after all we have to be satisfied”.
“Too bad because this was the first weekend in which I felt better on the bike, especially after yesterday’s qualifying. Too bad the crash this morning that ruined the race because apparently, we started with the bike not in perfect condition and this ruined everything. I rode the race with a bike that didn’t give me the right sensations, now we are checking but we still wasted another opportunity. Let’s try to make up for it in Austria”. 



Fabio Di Giannantonio and Jorge Navarro will respectively start from the third and fourth row of the starting grid of the Czech Republic Grand Prix scheduled for tomorrow at 12.20 local time (CET).

With the last free practice session of this morning, Navarro got Q2 direct access with the ninth time of the combined practice times, while Diggia, seventeenth, was forced to face Q1.

A few changes before getting out on track for the first qualifying and on the third lap Fabio took an excellent 2’02.093. Thus he passed the round with the first chrono and immediately got ready to get back on track for qualifying2. Both MB Conveyors Speed ​​Up team riders left the garage for the last fifteen most important minutes of day2. 2’02.376 is Fabio’s final quali2 time who took ninth place on the starting grid, while Jorge stopped the chronometers a few thousandths later at 2’02’499, finishing the day in eleventh position.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 9th in 2’02.376
“We managed to remedy a complicated situation and I’m certainly happy with that. We took a step forward and demonstrated it in Q1. I’m sorry because in the final qualifying we were unable to repeat the excellent time of Q1, finishing ninth. Tomorrow we are aiming for an excellent start and then we will give our best in the race, as we always do! “.
JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 11th in 2’02.499
“We started the third free practice session with used tyres and the feeling and pace were not bad, even if we lacked some confidence with the front. In the afternoon we made some changes before which but it didn’t go as we hoped. When I got back on track I tried to give my all, but I wasn’t competitive, I couldn’t go faster. I’m a bit disappointed because starting from 11th is not ideal, but we will continue to work hard and understand the points we are missing before the race”.


The MB Conveyors Speed ​​Up team riders, Jorge Navarro and Fabio Di Giannantonio, closed the Czech Republic Grand Prix Friday in fifth and seventh positions respectively.

Challenging but positive day for both teams where technicians and riders worked together to find the right set up of the SFT20 Speed ​​Up bikes.

Jorge Navarro struggled to find the feeling in the first free practice session, finishing the round in twentieth position. Team 9 tried out several changes to the bike in both sessions looking for more stability both front and rear and towards the end of the FP2 Jorge marked Friday’s fifth fastest time in 2’02.823 (+0.343), confident for tomorrow.

Fabio Di Giannantonio started the Czech Grand Prix with the tenth time at the end of the first free practice session. In the afternoon, after a tyre change and some changes to the setting, Fabio found a good lap, lowering his time by almost five tenths, closing the day with the seventh fastest time in 2’02.930 (+0.450).

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 5th in 2’02.823

“A strange first day because we started the FP1 suffering. The feeling with the bike was not the best, we worked hard trying changes to the setting at each time we left the garage, both at the front and at the rear because both slipped a lot. It seems that in today’s last outing we found something that worked better because we were able to lower the time by one second in just 2 laps. We will analyze the data well because today there have been many changes, but we are on the right path”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 7th in 2’02.930
“Day 1 so-so, the results are not bad because we are seventh in the combined practice times, but I am not happy because we continue to have the same problems as Jerez. Here it seems we are in the same conditions as the others, but in reality, we are still quite far away, so we must continue working. We hope to soon understand what we are missing and how to improve the race pace”.




The Andalucia Grand Prix is  turned out to be much harder than expected for the Beta Up Speed ​​team. The weekend had started well for the two riders who have seen the average progress made since the last week race, also hold at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit. But the improvements achieved have not paid off on the battlefield.

The race started on a hot track, 54 ° the asphalt temperature. At the start Navarro, fourth on the grid, got away well and for the first laps he found a good rhythm remaining in the first six until the tenth lap in which he lost stability getting out of the scene at turn nine.

Not an easy start for Diggia from the eleventh position on the grid. At the end of the first lap Fabio was thirteenth, he gave his best to try to bring the Speed ​​Up SFT20 forward but the feeling with the front was getting worse and from lap twelve the management of the bike became more difficult. The number twenty-one began to lose positions, he didn’t feel like risking too much, and consequently the result did not live up to expectations, eighteenth at the finish line.

“Today I don’t really know what to say because the weekend had started very well both in race conditions and in cooler conditions. We were fast and had a good rhythm in all the sessions before the race. Today I had a good start, finally, keeping my position, but at a certain point the bike started to close in front, I no longer felt and the driving became more complicated, turn after turn. I tried to keep the pace as much as I could, but it closed almost at every turn and at a certain point I found myself on the ground at turn 9 without even realizing it. As I said, there is not much to say, except that we must continue to work and analyse well what happened because after two laps the bike changed completely and I was not able to ride it in these conditions. It’s hard to leave Jerez without points, but we’ll get up to go back stronger than before”.FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 18th
“Too bad, another weekend went very badly! Surely, we must try to understand what happens to the bike from mid-race onwards where I start to lose the feeling with the front, especially at the beginning of the turn, where the bike becomes increasingly difficult to ride. We have to work and find the solution for Brno trying to straighten out this bad season just from the Czech weekend”.


At the Jerez de la Frontera circuit, the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team ended up the qualifying day of the Gran Premio de Andalucía with the fourth position of Jorge Navarro and the eleventh place of Fabio Di Giannantonio who reconfirmed their competitiveness on the Speed ​​Up bikes.

At the end of the third practice session, the team’s number nine gained direct access to Q2 with the tenth place in the combined practice times in 1’41.590. Jorge started qualifying on the right foot, fast from the first lap. He got back to the garage about 5 minutes before the end of the session to quickly change the tyres and returned to the track for the last 2 laps. The Spaniard, with the second penultimate lap in 1’41.860, took the fourth place.

Great recovery for Di Giannantonio who gave a change to his weekend by also winning direct access to Q2 with the time 1’41.660 obtained in FP3 in the morning. With the second lap of his qualifying in 1’42.181, Fabio got the fourth row of the grid from which he will start in tomorrow’s race.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 4th in 1’41.860
“I am happy because it has been a positive day. We worked very well this morning focusing the session on the race pace and we were ready to face qualifying. In qualifying I think I could have done more, but the same is fine, tomorrow we have a good race”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 11th in 1’42.181
“I am happy with today because we are coming from a negative weekend, especially yesterday. Today we made a nice change on the bike and we made a great step, both in feeling with the bike and in speed on the track. Happy, we are returning to being as fast as before and working well. Tomorrow we start from a good position and we can have a good race, let’s see”.


A few days after the Gran Premio de España, held last Sunday at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit, the third round of the Moto2 2020 World Championship has come, once again on the Spanish track. Instead, it’s the Speed Up bikes livery that has changed for this weekend bringing on the track the characteristic and sparkling orange color representing the sponsor Beta Tools, who has been alongside the team for years.

Jorge Navarro took third place in the combined free practices times with an excellent time in 1’41.590, only +0.065 from the first. The first day of the number nine of the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team was good, confirming the good feeling of last week on the Jerez circuit. Jorge scored his best time during FP1, demonstrating adaptability and speed even in FP2 with much higher temperatures.

A much more difficult day for Di Giannantonio and his team who cannot find the set-up of the bike suitable for competitive laps in both sessions. Twenty-first is the final result of the first day of Fabio’s Andalucía Grand Prix in 1’42.312. However, the rider and team remain confident and determined to find a solution ahead of tomorrow’s qualifying.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 3rd in 1’41.590
“Today was a good Friday! We started with a good feeling from the first outing in the morning by making just a few changes that we had decided to try and we saw that some changes help us others less. In any case, I think it was a really positive day because we were constant and we collected a lot of information. I hope we will continue like this tomorrow”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 21st in 1’42.312
“Bad day. We started again with the problems of the last race weekend and we are continuing to do our best but we have not yet reached a solution and this is putting us in difficulty. But we never give up, we are working and we are understanding how to improve in order to be competitive again”.




A difficult Spanish Grand Prix for the HDR Heidrun Speed ​​Up team, almost to be forgotten after the crash of Jorge Navarro and the unfinished race of Fabio Di Giannantonio.

A race that we all looked forward to after the stop of these months, but which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for teams and riders from the first lap when Navarro crashed out immediately after the first turn. The number nine crashed to the ground after the contact with Bezzecchi who, passing it from the inside, touched Jorge’s front wheel. For the Spaniard there was nothing more to do than go back to his garage.

From eighteenth position on the grid, Di Giannantonio took a good start, aware of the challenge he had ahead of him. Fabio immediately started to recover positions until he reached the second group of riders fighting for the top 10. On lap thirteenth, when in p10, the feeling with the bike began to fail forcing Diggia to lose positions. The feeling with his Speed ​​Up continued to worsen and less than seven laps from the end the number twenty-one was forced to retire.

After incidents like this, the saying goes that it’s best to get back on track as soon as possible and the calendar ensures that will happen, as next Sunday sees the third round of the 2020 Moto2 championship, the Gran Premio de Andalucía, take place at the circuit de Jerez-Ángel Nieto.

“There isn’t much to say after today’s race. I had a problem at the start and I was unable to start the race well. Then at the first turn, a rider who was overcoming inside touched my front wheel and thus my crash. I was really sorry about how it went because we had worked well throughout the weekend and certainly this was not the final result we expected. In any case, we must remain positive and continue to give our best to reach our goal from tomorrow in view of the next race always here on the Jerez circuit”.
“Sorry for how the whole weekend went. Too bad, because I started the race very strong. I was there with the second group fighting for the Top10, which could have been a real goal for us today, but the feeling with the front worsened lap after lap until it became dangerous to turn and therefore at a certain point I had to stop. Now we have three more days to work better than we have done these days and try to get more prepared for next Sunday’s race”.


Jorge Navarro and Fabio Di Giannantonio will start tomorrow respectively from the first and sixth rows of the starting grid of the Gran Premio de España.

The number 9 of the HDR Heidrun Speed ​​Up team focused on the race pace during the last free practice session and with the seventh time of the combined ranking he gained direct access to Q2. Jorge started qualifying immediately with a good pace, improving lap by lap. 1’41.565 is the time of his best qualifying  lap time took almost at the end of the session and it is with this chrono that he will the race in front row from second position.

The Spanish Saturday was instead more complicated for Di Giannantonio. In FP3 Fabio did not find the feeling of the past sessions and at the end of the practice he was out of the ranking of the 14 riders who went directly to the Q2. In Q1 he came back on and on track he showed that even with high temperatures he can handle the bike. He then took the first time of Q1 in 1’41.913 and got ready to return for qualifying2. Unfortunately, a crash on the first lap compromised Fabio’s qualifying, who will start tomorrow from the sixth row in eighteenth position.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 2nd in 1’41.458
“I am happy with today’s qualifying; it was not easy to start again after all these months. This morning we used the last practice session to test the race pace getting positive results. In qualifying we managed to find the fastest lap that bring us to start the race from the first row of the grid. We are all aware that it will be a tough race but we will do our best to win“.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 18th in 1’41.860
“Not a great day! We freaked out a bit this morning during FP3. However, we faced the Q1 with another spirit taking a different path and we managed to pass the session in first position with a great time. Then we started Q2 very excited, because we knew we could enter the Top10, but unfortunately at the beginning of the qualifying I entered a little faster, the bike front closed and I crashed down. Then when I got back on track, I no longer had the rear brake and I couldn’t push as before to make a better time. We are now forced to make a great comeback tomorrow”.






After the long absence, due to Covid19, the Moto2 was back on track today, kicking off the long-awaited Gran Prix de España, the second event of the 2020 Moto2 World Championship. Shortly before 11am Jorge and Diggia’s Speed Up bikes left the garage of the team HDR Heidrun Speed ​​Up going wild on the track in the first free practice session on the Jerez-Àngel Nieto circuit.

On the first day the two riders focused on set up work. Jorge Navarro completed 30 laps in total and scored his best tempo on lap 14 of the first session in 1’41.458. The higher temperatures in the afternoon made it impossible for riders to lower their lap times and Jorge thus closed the first day with an excellent and promising second position with a gap that is nothing short of non-existent (+0.048). Good first also for Fabio Di Giannantonio who took eighth position at +0.450 from the first. 32 laps completed by Diggia on Spanish Friday and he also scored his best time in FP1 on lap 10 in 1’41.860.

Preparation for tomorrow qualifying and Sunday’s race resumes tomorrow morning with the third and last free practice session started at 10.55 CET.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 2nd in 1’41.458
“It was a positive day because our performance has improved since the morning session compared the day of testing. A little more kilometres with the bike and I already felt better. In the afternoon, however, we were unable to follow the work plan that we had developed due to an unexpected problem on track at mid-session which made us lose the chance to try what was planned. But in any case, tomorrow we will complete the work during the last free practice session in view of qualifying”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 8th in 1’41.860
“I am not so happy with today. We got off to a good start this morning, our choice was to play the best tyre straight away to make the time, aware that with the high afternoon temperatures it would have been more difficult. In FP2 we ran on the used tyres of the FP1, but in this heat we struggled much more than we expected. We have to work to understand what happened because we can do much more”.


Gran Premio de España – Ready to go!

About 4 months ago the Grand Prix of Qatar ended amid uncertainties and fears about what we would have to face in the following months. The ferocity of a global pandemic has forced the world to stop leaving many locked down at home. But finally here we are! The long wait is over: it’s time to lower the visor and give full gas! Tomorrow the Speed ​​Up team will be back on track with its two standard bearers, Jorge Navarro and Fabio Di Giannantonio, eager to get back on their Speed ​​Up bikes.

It will not be the normality of all time to accompany teams and riders in these first two races, but a new normality that includes social distance and the heavy absence of the public.

Diggia and Jorge, like the whole team, are ready to give their best on the Jerez-Ángel Nieto circuit starting tomorrow in the test day. Riders and technicians will be engaged in two sessions of 40 minutes each (11.40-12.20; 15.40-16.20) which will precede the normal race weekend time schedule (FRI: Fp1 10.55-11.35, Fp2 15.10-15.50; SAT: Fp3 10.55-11.35, Q1 15.10-15.25, Q2 15.35-15.50; SUN: Warm Up 8.50-9.10, Race 12.20).

“Today I am very happy! After a long time, I go back to live the paddock, my team and to touch my bike. I can’t wait to start again after these long months at home, holding back the desire to drive my Speed ​​Up. I am ready to give my best, even if it will not be the same without the public to support us. It will also be particular to play two races in a row here in Jerez: this means that for the second race we will have much more data to rely on. Finally, here we are!”
“We have arrived on track and everything is different, the paddock is empty and it seems to be in a day of testing, not in a race. It’s a particular situation, we can only stay in the garage but the good thing is that we start competing again. I am with the team, all are very excited and willing to start over. This motivates me even more, I can’t wait to get on track with my bike, finally the time has come, tomorrow we go!”




The Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team riders finished the first and long-awaited appointment of the 2020 season of the Moto2 World Championship in the points.

Good start for Navarro from the fourth position of the grid, who is fifth at the end of the first lap. The Spaniard paid attention to the wear of the front tyre and decided not to push too much in the first laps thus losing some positions. After half race, Jorge began recovery by first overtaking Bezzecchi, then Vierge, Marini and thus reaching the leading group with a good pace, crossing the finish line in sixth position.

Complicated race for Fabio Di Giannantonio who, from the first lap, encountered feeling problems with the front tyre of his Speed ​​Up. Fabio was able to managed the tyre well until the end of the twenty laps, taking thirteenth place.

“Strange race. From the beginning I knew I had to keep the front tyre because the last laps would have been decisive and so I went cautious at the start of the race, but perhaps I waited too long because many riders overtook me and in recovering I realized that we are not yet at the level of the others when accelerating. Halfway through the race I had found the rhythm and managed to reach the leading group. I felt good and for a moment I thought I could fight for the victory, but once I reached the top I realized that they were going faster. I couldn’t take any further risks because the tyre was wearing out too much with more aggressive driving. However, I am satisfied with how we managed this first Grand Prix ending with important points. We look ahead, we have the potential to do well!”
“First race went definitely not as we wanted. We had a problem with the front tyre which penalized my race. The front tyre was the most discussed topic of the weekend because it was not known if it would last until the end. After several sessions carried out during the tests and on the race weekend we had studied and tested a setup to get to the end of the race with a good rhythm and instead from the first lap in the race I never managed to make our times risking to crash to every turn. We finished the first race of the season taking thirteenth position, sorry for what happened but aware of the good work done in these days”.




Jorge passed Q1 and closed fourth, Diggia eleventh.

Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team riders will start respectively from the second and fourth row of the starting grid of the Grand Prix of Qatar scheduled for tomorrow at 18.00, local time.

Di Giannantonio scored an excellent sixth fastest time (1’59.052) during the last free practice session thus obtaining direct access to Q2. Practice sessions more complicated instead for Navarro who struggled more than expected on track and at the end of the session with the fifteenth time the direct passage to Q2 is blurred.

The Spaniard took advantage of the fifteen minutes of the first qualifying session very well and with the time of 1’58.798 he could still fight for the first positions. Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team riders went back on track for the second qualifying, both with soft tyres, ready to give their best. 1’58.316 is the best time of the day for Navarro who took fourth place on the grid, while Fabio stopped the chronometers a few thousandths later at 1’58.640 closing in eleventh position.

JORGE NAVARRO #9: 4th in 1’58.316
“After three complicated free practices in which I never managed to find the positive feelings I had during the test, today we are finally back on the right way. We did a good job, strategically I thought it was a mistake to face Q1, but in the end it was the right choice to get more prepared for Q2 and I thank my team for this! And nothing, we worked well, the sensations have improved and now only a few small details are missing and then we will be ready for the first race!”
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21: 11th in 1’58.640
“I’m happy with how this first qualifying of the season went. Last year we managed to do an excellent race starting much further back and considering that this year we are doing much better as preparation for the race, I feel confident for tomorrow. Today’s potential was this, we gave our best. For tomorrow morning we have a small change in store that could give us that extra tenth that is needed above all towards the end of the race. It will be important to start well and better manage the front tyre which seems to be the most critical thing here”.



The free practice sessions of the Qatar Grand Prix held today at the Losail International Circuit kicked off the Moto2 class World Championship.

As the premier class won’t start the championship on this weekend, the schedule times have all been postponed: Moto2 has in fact played FP1 in the early afternoon while the second session started at 18.00, local time, under the lights of the Qatar circuit, the same one in which it will be played the race.

Navarro started the day with ninth place in the first session at +0.213 from the first. A crash made him lose part of the session and on getting back on track he did not want to risk, aiming to give his best in the second session. Di Giannantonio closed FP1 with the twelfth fastest time at +0.482. Not the start he hoped for, given the results achieved in the previous test, but the feeling with the bike was good.

In FP2 conditions have changed: the outside temperature was six degrees lower and the asphalt drops to twenty-five unlike the forty-one of the first session. Both teams worked on the setup using soft front and rear tyres. Navarro improved his lap time but he struggled to find the feeling with which he had excelled in the test last week, closing the first twelfth day. Di Giannantonio also lowered his time but due to the traffic on track during his best laps he wasn’t able to go beyond seventeenth position.

JORGE NAVARRO #9: 12th in 1’59.189
“Let’s say it was a strange day because I didn’t understand the situation very well. In FP1 I knew that we would suffer a little more because we went out with the front tyre that I liked least to safeguard the others for the other sessions of the weekend. It wasn’t so bad but after a little crash I didn’t want to risk it and I waited for the FP2 which I knew would be the same conditions as the race. We went out with new tyres; the plan was to go out on the attack but I didn’t find the right feeling. I could not enter the turn as I wanted and I felt the rear push. It was like riding a motorcycle that was not the same as the one ridden in the tests. We have to understand what happened with the tyres and how my technician says: “Tomorrow will be another day!”
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21: 17th in 1’59.284
“First day in Qatar so and so because after the test I expected to start with another rhythm, but in terms of setup and speed on track I feel very good! What was missing today was the fastest lap, in the four fastest laps I found traffic, too bad. Tomorrow we have another chance to enter Q2, obviously it is not our goal to stay at the limit of Q2 but to stay there permanently. Let’s see, for now I am confident “.






At the Losail International Circuit, Qatar, the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team successfully concluded the latest pre-season test. A few days before the start of the Moto2 World Championship, Jorge Navarro and Fabio Di Giannantonio demonstrated competitiveness and progress in the nine sessions held. Three intense days in which the two teams continued the work started in previous pre-season tests by measuring the potential of the SF20T SpeedUp bikes on the Losail circuit.Navarro at the top with an excellent time (1’58.520) signed right in the last session of the test. 173 total laps made by the number nine of the team who at the end of the test proved to be in excellent shape for the start of the championship.Di Giannantonio ended with the fourth best time that he too marked during the last session of the third day as his teammate. 1’58.831 is his chrono at +0.311 from Jorge, first in the standings, and 176 laps in these three days of hard work.A rather positive result for the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team at the end of the winter tests which is preparing to face the first race of the Moto2 World Championship to be held next week at the Losail International Circuit.

JORGE NAVARRO #9: “Super happy with how the test went. We worked well and fast from day one. Yesterday we did not manage to improve our lap but we used the three sessions to understand which way to go by managing to take that step forward that we needed. During today’s day we focused on the set-up and in the last session, with the same race conditions, I found an excellent feeling. We started the session by trying to make a simulation of the second part of the race with the used tyres, then I went back to the garage to put the new ones and petrol simulating the first part of the race instead. The results were really positive, incredible feeling and good rhythm. We finished these pre-season tests with many data collected, a good taste in the mouth and a great desire to start the championship!”
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21: “Super satisfied with the work done in these three days because we have always been growing. Glad, we worked well and concentrated on the race. The bike improved a little in all aspects and in the end a great time came without looking for it. All positive, I feel really ready for the Grand Prix of Qatar, let’s go! “

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