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The last Portuguese event has just ended, marking the end of another incredible Moto2 World Championship despite the difficult challenges and the numerous sacrifices faced in this season. Beta Tools Speed ​​Up leaves the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve empty-handed with the crash of Fabio Di Giannantonio at the start of the race and that of Jorge Navarro on the sixth lap.

A very positive start to the weekend for Fabio who demonstrated from the first laps of the FP1 and on the first row in qualifying to be among the strongest. Finally, he could have ended with an exciting fight for the podium, but the bad crash immediately after the start ended Fabio’s last race with the Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team early.

Team-mate Navarro also wanted more from Portimão, but while trying to catch up with the front group he made contact with another rider and crashed at turn 5 on lap six.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – DNF                                    

“What can I say, a great disappointment because I wanted to finish the season and leave this team a great result today. I am no happy at all because our goal today was definitely to fight for the podium. I would like to thank Luca for giving me the opportunity to make my debut and reach the first goals in Moto2 and the whole team who, especially this year, did a great job to recover after a difficult start to the season. I would like to thank everyone a little in general, I was really good, the sponsors all because without them nothing is possible. Thanks a lot, to everyone!”.


“The most difficult season of my career. Today I crashed while I was fighting with another rider to reach the front group although I had a good feeling with the bike. I don’t have much to say, except that this winter I will work hard with my team analyzing the points to improve. I want to thank all the guys for their hard work because it was hard for me but also for them. We will come back stronger next year”.


Fantastic front row of Fabio Di Giannantonio who closed the qualifying of the Portuguese Grand Prix in third position. Jorge Navarro fourteenth, will start from the fifth row of the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve starting grid.

The day on track started with positive indications that saw Diggia and Jorge taking advantage of the FP3 making changes to the setup and long runs in preparation for the race. The two teams closed the three free practice sessions with the eleventh (Diggia 1’43.356) and the twelfth time (Jorge 1’43.358), both gaining direct access to Q2.

Fabio, thanks to an excellent feeling with his Speed ​​Up bike, in qualifying constantly proved to be fast and competitive until the last lap where he set the third time lap of the day in 1’42.721 just +0.129 from the first.

Navarro’s day was more complicated as he did not find the same feeling as yesterday during the third practice session in the morning. A few small changes before qualifying allow Jorge to be more incisive in the first part of the session where he took the lap time of 1’43.036, which earned him the fourteenth spot on the Portuguese grid.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 2nd in 1’42.721                    

“We are back in the front row! Fantastic! Today in qualifying I was really strong. We made a small change compared to this morning which helped me a lot because the feeling in qualifying was incredible, I felt really good. I was very fast, it’s a pity that on my best lap, three tenths from the pole, I pushed a bit much and my steering closed, otherwise the result would certainly have been another. However with that lap I improved my time, so I’m happy because I’m still up front and we’ll try again tomorrow”.

JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 14th in 1’43.036

“Quite complicated qualifying. Today was more difficult than usual on track, I didn’t have the same feelings as yesterday. We didn’t find the fastest lap we expected to do, and even though I almost did my ideal lap, it didn’t help me to do better than the fourteenth time. We must therefore analyse well and take a step tomorrow to have a good race”.


The last round of the Moto2 World Championship got underway today at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, Portimão.

First positive day for Beta Tools Speed ​​Up which closed on Portuguese Friday with seventh time of Jorge Navarro and eighth of Fabio Di Giannantonio at +0.417 and +0.440 from the first of the ranking.

Jorge and Diggia faced the spectacular Algarve track for the first time with its bumps, ups and downs and long turns, both proving to be competitive from day one.

Di Giannantonio in fact closed FP1 with the second time in 1’43.750 just +0.010 from the top of the standings. In the second session, team 21 preferred to operate in race configuration and found a very good pace; p8 for Diggia at the end of the day.

The JN9 team closed the early morning practice in twenty-third position. The progress comes in the afternoon when Jorge and the technicians, working on the driving and setup of the bike, improved the time lap by lap reaching the seventh position with the last run in 1’43.358.

JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 7th in 1’43.358

“This track is incredible! Today we worked with a smile on our face because it is really fun to ride here for the different ups and downs it presents. We improved little by little, both the feeling and the driving, and in the end we ended the first day with good sensations. We will now analyse the data to understand the next steps to take”.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 8th in 1’43.381                      

“What a track! Lost in love with this track! I think it is by far the most beautiful in the world. We were strong in both sessions today. In the afternoon we worked on the race pace and I’m happy because we are fast. I can’t wait to get back on track tomorrow; I want to use every possible second to enjoy it because it is truly spectacular!”.




  • Length: 5513 mt.
  • Width: 15 mt.
  • Longest straight: 1.200 mt.
  • Left corners: 11
  • Right corners: 9


The Circuit Of The Americas is the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S. near Austin, Texas, with a 5.513km track and a capacity for 120,000 fans. Construction of the impressive 1000-acre facility was completed late in 2012, with MotoGP lining up at the track for the first time in 2013.

One of its more distinctive features is near 41m-elevation change with an impressive incline at the end of the home-straight followed by a sharp left. The circuit is one of the most varied on the GP circuit, with a mix of fast straights and tight hairpins, with most sections mirroring at least some part of a famous track around the world.

It was designed by well-known German architect and circuit designer Hermann Tilke. The driving direction is counter clockwise and has a total of 20 corners with 9 right turns and 11 left turns.




  • Length: 4005 mt.
  • Width: 12 mt.
  • Longest straight: 876 mt.
  • Left corners: 9
  • Right corners: 5


The Circuito de la Comunitat Valenciana was completed in 1999 and held rounds of the MotoGP and Spanish Motorcycle Championships in the same year. The Cheste track has several layouts, running anti-clockwise with varying lengths. MotoGP events are held on a 4km track comprising of five right handed corners, eight left handers and a 650m straight. Although the track is regarded as quite small, the pit complex contains 48 garages whilst the stadium style grandstands can seat up to 150,000 spectators. The circuit layout which allows all parts of the circuit to be seen from any stand helps to create a unique atmosphere enjoyed by Spanish and international riders alike and as the last race of the season there is always a party feeling to the Grand Prix, which was voted best GP of 2005 by IRTA.




Bitter Sunday for the MB Conveyors Speed ​​Up team that leaves Valencia with the double crash of its riders Fabio Di Giannantonio and Jorge Navarro.

Superb race for Fabio, managed well, very well, up to the damned turn nine of the last lap where he crashed one step away from victory. Excellent start, from p4 to p3, and after a few laps Fabio was second behind Bezzecchi. The number 21 maintained his position until the penultimate lap, then took the lead and just when the ending seems written, he crashed to the ground a few turns from the finish.

From fifteenth position on the grid Jorge Navarro got off to a good start, recovering positions from the first lap. Despite the ups and downs of the weekend, Jorge seemed to have found the feeling with his Speed ​​Up. After some overtaking, he reached p7 and prepared to move forward. Unfortunately, he lost control of the bike and crashed at turn 1 of lap eighteenth.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – DNF                                    
“A superb performance up to 2 km from the end. I got a good start, I immediately tried to stay close to Bezzecchi until a few laps from the end when I decided to attack, I felt I was going faster. I passed it on the penultimate lap and was hoping to create a small gap so as to confirm myself to the finish, but at turn 6 the bike closed in front of me. We looked at the data and it is strange to us that we crashed because the maneuver was the same as in the previous lap. A shame because we were so close to victory. It’s part of the learning and growing process, so that’s okay. Head up always, we try again in Portimão!”.
“I’m very sorry, we were having a great comeback race. I saw the leading group getting closer to me and I didn’t want to waste too much time behind Marini because I had already been behind him for two laps. When I got to turn 1, his early braking took me by surprise and trying to avoid it I changed lines and when the rear grip returned I crashed. A pity, but at least we are back to having a good pace and being strong. We are going to Portugal determined to end this season in the best possible way!”.


At the Ricardo Tormo circuit, the MB Conveyors Speed ​​Up team concluded the Valencia Grand prix qualifying with the fourth position of Fabio Di Giannantonio and the fifteenth place of Jorge Navarro.

Fabio confirmed his speed and competitiveness also on the second day of the second to last racing weekend. At the end of the third free practice session, team 21 got direct access to Q2 with the fourth time of the combined in 1’34.788. Diggia started qualifying on the right foot, lowering the times at each lap until the end of the session when with the last lap he marked his best of the day: 1’34.524 just +0.106 from the first.

Second more complicated day for the JN9 team which wasn’t able to improve the feeling of its Speed ​​Up bike during the two sessions. Jorge managed to enter Q2 thanks to the excellent time obtained in FP1, the sixth in the combined standings and with the fifteenth place he finished qualifying by taking the fifth row of tomorrow’s starting grid.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 4th in 1’34.524                     
“I am quite happy with today’s qualifying. I am actually a little bit upset because I wanted to take the pole. We tried to the end, we almost did it. I’m happy anyway because we are going very fast and despite the track conditions not being at the top we were fast. I have a great pace; I always rode alone so far and I feel good. Tomorrow we start there in front, we can have a pretty good race!”.
JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 15th in 1’34.949
“Complicated day. In Fp3 we continued yesterday’s work trying various changes, but which we did not take into consideration for qualifying, returning instead to yesterday morning base. To be honest, I don’t know if it was the best choice because in qualifying the feeling was not the same, perhaps we suffered more due to the change in track conditions. With the data collected we must try to understand how to improve in order to face tomorrow’s race as competitive as possible”.


For the second weekend running, the MB Converyors Speed ​​Up riders took to the track at the Ricardo Tormo circuit kicking off the Grand Prix de la Comunitat Valenciana.

A strong day for Jorge and Diggia who closed the Valencian Friday in first and third place.

Navarro finished the morning FP1 at the top with a 1’34.855 lap, which he scored after only eight laps on track. Consistently strong during FP2, Jorge finished the session in seventh place after trying some changes to his set up, but with the morning excellent lap the Spaniard keeps the lead of the combined standings.

Team-mate Di Giannantonio also had a very god opening day of the Valencia GP, finishing in third place just +0.038 shy of Jorge with a 1’34.893 lap scored in the afternoon FP2. Also for Fabio two top sessions in which he took fast laps and good pace.

JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 1st in 1’34.855
“A positive day, satisfied with this first place in the Friday combined sessions. We worked well, and compared to last weekend we started with a bike that suits my needs much more. During the two sessions we made small changes to improve our base and so we understood in which direction we must continue to work to be prepared for the race”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 3rd in 1’34.893                      
“Nice first day here in Valencia! We had a strong start this morning and then in the afternoon it was a bit strange because there was less grip and we weren’t able to lower the times. Although the p1 in the afternoon we finished the first day in p3. I’m happy because I feel good, strong, the bike works well and so I’m ready for tomorrow. We can certainly do well; the goal is to be in the first two rows and why not in the first!”.

Cheste – Valencia – EUROPE GRAND PRIX



  • Length: 4005 mt.
  • Width: 12 mt.
  • Longest straight: 876 mt.
  • Left corners: 9
  • Right corners: 5


The Circuito de la Comunitat Valenciana was completed in 1999 and held rounds of the MotoGP and Spanish Motorcycle Championships in the same year. The Cheste track has several layouts, running anti-clockwise with varying lengths. MotoGP events are held on a 4km track comprising of five right handed corners, eight left handers and a 650m straight. Although the track is regarded as quite small, the pit complex contains 48 garages whilst the stadium style grandstands can seat up to 150,000 spectators. The circuit layout which allows all parts of the circuit to be seen from any stand helps to create a unique atmosphere enjoyed by Spanish and international riders alike and as the last race of the season there is always a party feeling to the Grand Prix, which was voted best GP of 2005 by IRTA.




Jorge Navarro ended the European Grand Prix in tenth position at the Ricardo Tormo circuit. Fabio Di Giannantonio crashed on the third lap.

After two days of difficult track conditions, the track was completely dry in the warm up and the race took place on a dry track with average temperatures around twenty degrees.

A tough race for Jorge Navarro who started from nineteenth position on the grid. The Spaniard did not let himself be intimidated by the grid position managing very well the race with a great comeback crossing the finish line in p10.

Fabio’s race ended on lap three with a crash that closed in the worst possible way a weekend in which the rider proved to be fast and to have an excellent feeling with the Speed ​​Up bike regardless of the track conditions.

Moto2 does not stop and returns next weekend again to the Ricardo Tormo circuit for the Gran Premio de la Comunitat Valenciana.

“After two days in the wet this morning we rode on a dry track for the first time. In the warm up I didn’t have a great feeling with the bike, but being the only twenty minutes on a dry track before the race I tried to push to understand how far I could go. Unfortunately, towards the end of the session I fell with minor damage to the elbow and right knee, but nothing serious. We tried to manage the situation in the best possible way by making changes to the bike. In the race I gave my best recovering positions with a pace that was equal to that of the leaders. In any case, I consider today’s result positive, ready to fix the mistakes made in order to be better prepared next weekend”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – DNF“In this morning’s warm up everything was perfect and I felt great with the bike! We started the race after making a small change, confident that we could have a good race and fight for the podium! On the other hand, from the first lap of the race I had problems with the rear, risking crashing several times. On the third lap, unfortunately, I could not avoid the crash. Really a pity! We checked the data and it seems it was neither my mistake nor the team’s, but that’s how it went! A wasted opportunity, but we don’t give up because next week we are always here and we know we are fast and strong. We’ll get our own back!”.


HDR Heidrun Speed ​​Up riders Fabio Di Giannantonio and Jorge Navarro finished qualifying for the European Grand Prix finishing respectively in eleventh and nineteenth position.

Even on the second day, the rain complicated the track conditions, hampering the last free practice session and qualifying for Moto2.

Team 21 decided not to run in the wet, having secured direct access to Q2 with the fifth fastest time on Friday. He therefore remained in the garage for almost the entire round of the Fp3 Di Giannantonio, who went back on track only in the final minutes to test the starts. In the meantime, the rain subsided, but the track conditions worsen, becoming dry in some parts and wet in others. Fabio started qualifying with the rain with which he immediately showed a good pace. Halfway through the quali Diggia returned to the garage to replace the rains with slicks because the track was drying and in just two final laps, he managed to set the eleventh time in 1’42.586.

More complicated day for Jorge, bluffed by the rain. With the seventeenth time of the combined  free practices, Navarro faced the Q1 on a partly dry track. Unfortunately, for a few thousandths, he almost reached access to Q2, finishing qualifying in p19.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 11th in 1’42.586                   
“I’m not too happy with how qualifying went. The track conditions today have always been uncertain; in qualifying it was a bit like betting on red or black. We entered with the rain, but we lost time because the track was drying. We then went back to put on the slicks and in the only two laps I had in the dry I was unable to get a great pace. We have limited the damage, we start in the fourth row and nothing, tomorrow when we lower the visor we will give 100% to try to recover. The goal is the podium! “.
JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 17th in 1’46.609
“Another day with complicated conditions; track half dry and half wet both in Fp3 and in qualifying. Too bad because in qualifying the sensations with the rear were not at all good enough to think that something was wrong with the tire or the bike. In the end, the problem was the wet tires on an almost dry track. I’m sorry because we didn’t go to Q2 for a few thousandths. In any case, we just have to look ahead and better prepare for tomorrow’s race”.



The European Grand Prix kicks off today on the Ricardo Tormo de la Comunitat Valenciana circuit with the return of the red HDR Heidrun livery.

As expected, the first free practice session took place on a wet track and both HDR Heidrun Speed ​​Up riders rode cautiously without taking unnecessary risks. Fourteenth time for Di Giannantonio at the end of Fp1, p17 for Navarro.

In the afternoon the track was partly dry and both Speed ​​Up bikes faced the Fp2 with slicks. Di Giannantonio proved to have a good feeling despite the difficult track conditions and set the fifth time on Friday in 1’37.066, just +0.262 from the first.

A little bit more complicated for Jorge this first day on his home circuit due to the track conditions. However, towards the end of the session the Spaniard improved his feeling by decreasing the gap from the leaders with a time of 1’37.559 (+0.755) which placed him in seventeenth place on day1.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 5th in 1’37.066                      
“Today was an odd day due to the weather conditions. I decided not to overdo it in the first session, ending a good session, but nothing exceptional. In the afternoon with a dry track we pushed harder, especially to secure a place in Q2 as the forecast for tomorrow morning is uncertain. In my opinion we did a good session, I feel very good with the bike, we went strong. We are fifth a few tenths from the first and so I am happy. Let’s try to work well tomorrow and let’s hope in a good weather!”.
JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 17 th in 1’37.559
“An unusual day for the conditions. In Fp1 the track was wet, while in the afternoon we went out with slick tires but the track was patchy. The truth is that I struggled a bit to find the rhythm and feeling even though I didn’t want to take too many risks, no more than necessary. Too bad we almost returned to the top 14 to go directly to Q2, but I’m not so worried because we have to keep working to improve the feeling and I hope that tomorrow there will be the conditions to do so”.

Navarro and Montella for Speed Up Racing team 2021

Speed ​​Up Racing is pleased to announce the signing of the new European Moto2 champion Yari Montella of a three-year contract starting from 2021 and to confirm Jorge Navarro for next season.


Jorge Navarro #9

Speed Up Racing Moto2 Rider

“I’m very happy to stay one more season with Speed ​​Up, with the guys and the whole team I feel really good. Next year will be an important season for me. Last year we proved our potential by fighting for the championship, this year after the initial problems due to adaptation to the new tire we are strong again and prepared for next season. The goal for 2021 is to be competitive every single racing Sunday and fight for the championship. Thanks to Speed ​​Up for trusting me. 


Yari Montella

Speed Up Racing Moto2 Rider

“I want to thank Luca for giving me the opportunity to join the world championship. I am excited and ready to start this new adventure with the aim of always improving myself and achieving the maximum together with Speed ​​Up! “.


Luca Boscoscuro

Speed Up Racing Team Manager

“I am delighted with Yari’s arrival because I believe he is a young rider with high potential. Yari, today European Moto2 2020 Champion, has shown commitment and growth in the two years of CEV spent with us, which is why I am thrilled to welcome him to the Speed ​​Up Racing team. It is a three-year project that aims at the growth of the rider with the purpose of making him express his talent to the fullest in order to achieve great results together.

With Jorge we decided to face next season together because we are aware that we can fight for the title of the Moto2 World Championship. Jorge is a very motivated and dedicated rider. I know that his priority is to give everything on his Speed ​​Up bike and this will help us reach the highest goal”.




  • Length: 5548 mt.
  • Width: 16 mt.
  • Longest straight: 920 mt.
  • Left corners: 5
  • Right corners: 10


Specifically built for speed and exciting racing, the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia is one of the world’s best. The 2,300 acre complex which also houses a hotel, shopping centre, golf course and other sports facilities cost around £50m to construct and was built in just 14 months, holding its first Grand Prix in April 1999 and setting the standard for race circuits worldwide.

With four slow corners following two long straights and ten medium to high-speed corners, the wide track is particularly favourable to overtaking manoeuvres and plenty of open throttle. One of the longest laps in MotoGP is made all the more gruelling for riders by intense heat and humidity. Sepang is located around 50km south of Kuala Lumpur city.

Motorland Aragon – GRAN PREMIO DE TERUEL



  • Length: 5.078 mt.
  • Width: 15 mt.
  • Longest straight: 968 mt.
  • Left corners: 10
  • Right corners: 7


An ultra-modern facility, MotorLand Aragón had its roots firmly established thanks to a solid history of street racing in Alcañiz, which hosted events between 1963 and 2003. Safety advice warning against the continuation of this led to the proposal and construction of a sporting complex dedicated to motorsport.

With support from local institutions, renowned German architect Hermann Tilke was commissioned to design the facility. The circuit, which is 5.077km long and has 17 turns, was roundly praised by riders after its first Grand Prix in 2010, and it was rewarded with the IRTA Best Grand Prix of the Year award, the first time a circuit had received the prize in its debut year.




  • Length: 4.448 mt.
  • Width: 13 mt.
  • Longest straight: 900 mt.
  • Left corners: 7
  • Right corners: 5


Phillip Island, the self-styled home of Australian motorsport, is steeped in motor racing tradition, with the first car races having been held there on public roads in the 1920s. The first motorcycle races took place in 1931 and a permanent track was built in 1956.

The circuit fell into disrepair during the late 70s and early 80s until it was bought in 1985 and given a AUS $5m facelift. MotoGP returned in 1989 and 1990 before becoming a regular fixture once more from 1997 onwards.

The Phillip Island circuit is blessed with breathtaking scenery and beautiful ocean views and, as one of the fastest, most fluid, tracks on the calendar, it continues to provide some of the most spectacular racing in the MotoGP season.

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