22nd October 2018


Corsi seventh and Fernandez seventeenth at the Michelin Grand Prix of Australia

Speed ​​Up Racing team finishes again with points with Simone Corsi who, just in the race, finds better feelings than he had during all the Australian Grand Prix session. Starting from the third position in the fifth row, the Roman rider immediately tried to recover positions in order not to break away from the top ten. He struggled at first to find stability on the track, but once he found a good rhythm he became the author of a great comeback and cut the finish line in seventh position by earning nine points in the final rankings.

Young Fernandez finished 17th in his first race on Phillip Island circuit. A good race for the Spaniard who was able to recover seven positions although a half-race mistake was taking him out of the track.


“The race was good, but I’m not happy with the end result. Unfortunately, yesterday’s qualification has penalized us a lot, starting from the 15th position is never easy. We had a good potential, and although the race pace was good we could not reach the top, the gap was too big. However, it was a good comeback and I want to thank the whole team for the good work they have done! ”


“I’m sorry I did not reach the points zone even if I am happy with the race. I recovered many positions during the first lap, but then for a mistake I committed that almost led me off the track I had to fight more to get that position. I was able to find a good rhythm and recover until the 17th position. In Malaysia it will be better! ”


21st October 2018


Fifth and eighth row for the Speed UP riders Simone Corsi and Augusto Fernandez

The two sessions of today were held on a very cold day. Luckily, FP3 and only the beginning of the Moto2 QP had been partially affected by rain.

In the last free practice of the morning, both Speed ​​Up riders worked well with the bike’s setup. At the end of the FP3 Corsi was third and Fernandez 17th.

Qualifying started a few minutes later, just the time to let the track dry out. Once got on the bike, the Speed ​​Up Racing Team riders went on track with the slick to face a dry qualifying. Simone Corsi and Augusto Fernandez finished their QP respectively in 15th and 24th places, placing themselves in fifth and eighth row in tomorrow’s race.

SIMONE CORSI#24 – 15th in 1’34.500

“Today I struggled a lot during the QP, especially with the back of the bike, the feeling was better this morning. We are missing the fast lap, but in the race it is different, if we do not lose starting positions we can still compete. We must find a good rhythm right away and be in the head group. ”

AUGUSTO FERNANDEZ#37 – 24th in 1’35.076

“We have tried a new setting for the qualifying to try to improve this morning’s time, but I did not feel good and we decided to go back to the old setting because there was no time to try new solutions. We’ve been able to improve four-tenths of time, but it’s not enough, we have to do more!


 20th October 2018


Simone Corsi closes the Top Ten. Augusto Fernandez 19th on his first time at Phillip Island Circuit

In the first day of free practice of the Michelin Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, Speed ​​Up riders have started the second leg of the three extra-European races with determination, ready to fight in the third from last Grand Prix of the season.

The Speed ​​Up racing team flag holder, Simone Corsi, got tenth at the end of the first day, although a crash in the 6th turn of the second lap of the FP2 made him missing the full session.

Busy with a new track, the young Spanish started the first free practice session with a gap of almost two seconds from the first. In FP2 he managed to improve his lap time and leads to -1.484 from the first increasing the confidence with the track and the fastening with his Speed ​​Up.

SIMONE CORSI#24 – 10th in 1’34.268
“This morning we started off well. I had a good feeling with the bike right away. Unfortunately, in the afternoon I made a mistake right at the beginning of the FP2. The bike was very damaged and I did not return to the track again. We’ve wasted a session but despite all the result is quite good at the end of the day1. We will work during tomorrow’s FP3 to get ready for the qualifying. “

AUGUSTO FERNANDEZ#37 – 19th in 1’34.794

“I’m glad to have been able to improve the lap time since the first day of free practice and then reduce the gap from the first. Tomorrow we will continue with the set up and especially with the familiarization of the new track. We are positive and determined to make a good qualification! “


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