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  • Length: 5900 mt.
  • Width: 17 mt.
  • Longest straight: 770 mt.
  • Left corners: 8
  • Right corners: 10


With more than 60 years of history Silverstone has become one of the most prestigious venues dedicated to motorsport. Completely revamped in recent years, a multimillion pound investment saw the completion in 2010 of a first phase of works to greatly improve the venue, making it one of the fastest tracks on the MotoGP calendar and earning high praise from the World Championship riders who enjoyed the new layout. The ‘Silverstone Wing’, a state-of-the-art, multi-million pound new Pit and Paddock Complex, will welcome MotoGP in 2011, thus adding to already breathtaking facilities at Silverstone.




  • Length: – mt.
  • Width: 12 mt.
  • Longest straight: 868 mt.
  • Left corners: 2
  • Right corners: 6


The Red Bull Ring is located in the town of Spielberg in Styria, Austria. The circuit was originally built 1969 and was known as the Osterreichring. In 1996 it was completely rebuilt with a 4.3km layout and renamed the A1 ring. The track was closed after the 2004 season as it was in need of refurbishment. After three years of inaction, Red Bull began a $70 million reconstruction of the circuit in 2008 and it was finally inaugurated as the Red Bull Ring and re-opened in 2011. The 2016 season will see the Red Bull Ring host its first MotoGP™ race as the World Championship returns to Austria for the first time since 1997.




The Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team closed the Austrian Grand Prix qualifying in seventh and twenty-third positions, getting the third and eighth row of the starting grid of tomorrow’s race.

A breathtaking FP3 finale for Jorge Navarro after the highside at turn 1. The Spaniard then ended his last free practice session early, luckily with only a few scratches. With the time obtained in the fourteenth and last lap of his FP3 in 1’29.204, Jorge took direct access in Q2. In the fifteen minutes Jorge set a good seventh time, 1’28.905 (+0.224), without changing tyres in the final minutes.

Second day of the Austrian GP complicated for Fabio Di Giannantonio although there have been improvements compared to yesterday. Fabio lowered his Friday lap time by half a second in the last practice session, but in the combined classification he is twenty-third, therefore forced to face Q2. In qualifying, Fabio further improved his time stopping the clock in 1’29.579. Unfortunately, for a few tenths, he almost reached access to Q2, finishing qualifying in p23.

JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 7th in 1’28.905
“Positive day! Good feeling this morning with used tyres. Too bad that after the tyre change I crashed in the climb of turn one before finding the rhythm. The bike threw me into the air, but luckily I’m physically fine and my team managed to repair the bike for Q2. I’m also happy with qualifying because I rode with a great pace, maybe I missed the fastest lap but we are analyzing the data to understand how to improve the third sector. In any case, we are ready for tomorrow!”
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 23rd in 1’29.579
“I’m not so happy with how it went today. We have improved compared to yesterday but we are still a bit far. We are working on braking because on this track it is important to have a stable bike. Today we frankly took a good step in that direction but we lost a lot of the bike, especially in turning. We struggled too much in T3, mostly in Q1, and it’s a pity we didn’t enter Q2. We just have to work and try to improve what we can for tomorrow to be able to recover as many positions as possible!”


Beta Tools Speed ​​Up team riders are back on track today at the Red Bull Ring for the first free practice sessions of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Jorge Navarro immediately found a good feeling on the Austrian circuit. During the first session he made a few laps on Hard tires before switching to the Softs with which he set his best time of the day in 1’29.290. The weather conditions changed and the little rain at the beginning of the second session slowed down the lap times on track. Team9 used FP2 to adjust some details. +0.305 is the gap from the first of Jorge’s combined times at the end of the day1.

A more complicated start for Di Giannantonio than at the end of the two practice sessions ranked twenty-fourth. Team21 was unable to find the right set-up for the track in today’s free practice encountering problems under braking. Diggia improved his time during FP2 by a few tenths in 1’30.392, +1.407, but there is still a lot of work to do to face tomorrow’s qualifying.

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 7th in 1’29.290
“I’m happy with this first day. We started with the right feeling this morning which allowed us to try small details to understand which tyre to use and work a little in the setup, test and counter-test, obtaining good results. This afternoon the conditions were more complicated because it rained at the beginning and then, at the end of the session when it had stopped raining, many improved their time with the new tyres, but we preferred to continue with the used ones and the pace was still very good .
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 24th in 1’30.392
“Not happy with today because we are behind, for now out of Q2. For one and a half session we had brake problems. Fixed this problem we started to ride and understand the changes to be made to the bike setting. We struggle a little in the turn entry, but tomorrow we will work to find the solution, hoping that the conditions will be a little better”.





  • Length: 5403 mt.
  • Width: 15 mt.
  • Longest straight: 636 mt.
  • Left corners: 6
  • Right corners: 8


The world’s most famous riders have taken part in GP events in Brno since 1930, where up until 1982 they would race through the villages and western parts of the city on a road track named after the first Czechoslovak President – T.G. Masaryk. A new circuit was built during the 1980s with the aim of attracting Formula 1 to Czechoslovakia, and in 1987 it played host to the FIM Czech Grand Prix. Popular with both fans and riders, the new circuit is built in a natural bowl which is banked in places to offer spectators an excellent view. Brno constantly changes in elevation as it sweeps across forested hillsides and its fast undulating corners test rider talent and engineering to the limit.




The Czech Republic Grand Prix has just ended at the Brno Autodrome, the fourth round of the 2020 Moto2 World Championship.

Good performance by Jorge Navarro who snatched a seventh place demonstrating the progress achieved over the weekend. Eleventh on the grid, JN9 made a good start but found himself stuck in traffic at turn 1 where he lost six positions. Jorge immediately took matters into his own hands and from the middle of the race onwards proved to have the pace of the leaders. Thus began his comeback until he crossed the finish line in seventh position.

For Di Giannantonio, on the other hand, it was a difficult race, complicated by his crash during the morning warm up. Fabio made a good start but immediately realized that something was wrong with the bike, the feeling was not the same. Diggia tried to better manage the bike during the race by finishing in sixteenth position.

JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 7th  
“Today was a positive day because from yesterday to today we made some changes to the bike that helped us understand how to work with the front tyre and so I was able to make a good race. I got a good start, but at the first turn I found myself in the middle of the other riders coming into contact with some of them. This made me lose some positions and as soon as I managed to find the race pace I started attacking. The tyres dropped a lot, but I think it was the same for everyone because my race pace was one of the best even towards the end. We take the best from this weekend and from all the tests we did during the sessions to understand how the tyres work, it almost felt like a test! In the end we reached p7, it’s not a great goal but after all we have to be satisfied”.
“Too bad because this was the first weekend in which I felt better on the bike, especially after yesterday’s qualifying. Too bad the crash this morning that ruined the race because apparently, we started with the bike not in perfect condition and this ruined everything. I rode the race with a bike that didn’t give me the right sensations, now we are checking but we still wasted another opportunity. Let’s try to make up for it in Austria”. 



Fabio Di Giannantonio and Jorge Navarro will respectively start from the third and fourth row of the starting grid of the Czech Republic Grand Prix scheduled for tomorrow at 12.20 local time (CET).

With the last free practice session of this morning, Navarro got Q2 direct access with the ninth time of the combined practice times, while Diggia, seventeenth, was forced to face Q1.

A few changes before getting out on track for the first qualifying and on the third lap Fabio took an excellent 2’02.093. Thus he passed the round with the first chrono and immediately got ready to get back on track for qualifying2. Both MB Conveyors Speed ​​Up team riders left the garage for the last fifteen most important minutes of day2. 2’02.376 is Fabio’s final quali2 time who took ninth place on the starting grid, while Jorge stopped the chronometers a few thousandths later at 2’02’499, finishing the day in eleventh position.

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #21 – 9th in 2’02.376
“We managed to remedy a complicated situation and I’m certainly happy with that. We took a step forward and demonstrated it in Q1. I’m sorry because in the final qualifying we were unable to repeat the excellent time of Q1, finishing ninth. Tomorrow we are aiming for an excellent start and then we will give our best in the race, as we always do! “.
JORGE NAVARRO #9 – 11th in 2’02.499
“We started the third free practice session with used tyres and the feeling and pace were not bad, even if we lacked some confidence with the front. In the afternoon we made some changes before which but it didn’t go as we hoped. When I got back on track I tried to give my all, but I wasn’t competitive, I couldn’t go faster. I’m a bit disappointed because starting from 11th is not ideal, but we will continue to work hard and understand the points we are missing before the race”.


The MB Conveyors Speed ​​Up team riders, Jorge Navarro and Fabio Di Giannantonio, closed the Czech Republic Grand Prix Friday in fifth and seventh positions respectively.

Challenging but positive day for both teams where technicians and riders worked together to find the right set up of the SFT20 Speed ​​Up bikes.

Jorge Navarro struggled to find the feeling in the first free practice session, finishing the round in twentieth position. Team 9 tried out several changes to the bike in both sessions looking for more stability both front and rear and towards the end of the FP2 Jorge marked Friday’s fifth fastest time in 2’02.823 (+0.343), confident for tomorrow.

Fabio Di Giannantonio started the Czech Grand Prix with the tenth time at the end of the first free practice session. In the afternoon, after a tyre change and some changes to the setting, Fabio found a good lap, lowering his time by almost five tenths, closing the day with the seventh fastest time in 2’02.930 (+0.450).

JORGE NAVARRO#9 – 5th in 2’02.823

“A strange first day because we started the FP1 suffering. The feeling with the bike was not the best, we worked hard trying changes to the setting at each time we left the garage, both at the front and at the rear because both slipped a lot. It seems that in today’s last outing we found something that worked better because we were able to lower the time by one second in just 2 laps. We will analyze the data well because today there have been many changes, but we are on the right path”.
FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO#21 – 7th in 2’02.930
“Day 1 so-so, the results are not bad because we are seventh in the combined practice times, but I am not happy because we continue to have the same problems as Jerez. Here it seems we are in the same conditions as the others, but in reality, we are still quite far away, so we must continue working. We hope to soon understand what we are missing and how to improve the race pace”.

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